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Fabulous Roman Blinds from Jo Brown

Roman Blinds are very smart and neat, and show off lovely fabric to full effect. They use less fabric than curtains and can be transformed into something more elaborate by using borders, braids, antique lace or beautiful beaded edging.

Our Roman Blinds are all hand-made and interlined as standard. They have no machine stitching across the front and are hand sewn for a beautiful, high quality, luxury finish. They can be blackout lined, a useful option for bedrooms.


We use a high quality rotary chain headrail, with a modern, neat mechanism inside a white aluminium casing to raise and lower the blind. Even larger and heavier blinds are therefore very easy to operate.

Inside or outside the recess?

Roman Blinds fit very neatly inside the window recess, though for shorter windows this will take a little bit of light away as the folds hang down by around 25cms or so when fully raised. Putting them outside the recess means you can avoid this by fitting them around 10-15cms above the recess.

Comparing Prices

Please be aware with Roman Blind prices that you are comparing like-for-like on a hand-made product. Competitor quotations may well be based on a machine made, lined only product, fitted with a more basic headrail and with stitching across the front. Some also just use a bonded lining rather than a separate interlining. Many blinds available on the web are made like this, both from large and small retailers.