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Beautiful Curtains from Jo Brown

A few things to consider when choosing curtain styles and fabrics.....

Types of Curtain Heading

The type of heading dictates the whole appearance of the window treatment. It is also important to use the right style of heading to match the style of your room. Choose from either pencil pleats, double pleats, triple pleats, eyelets, or for a more formal look, goblets or box pleats. Double pleats or triple pleats are the most popular and always look very smart. Eyelet curtains are another popular choice, offering a more contemporary look.

Choosing Fabric

This is where professional help can be invaluable!

Plain natural fabrics retain a freshness and timelessness and will co-ordinate with any kind of look. Prints can look fantastic and will add vibrancy, colour and character to any room. Large pattern repeats are currently popular, these will look very eye catching and will make a statement. Bear in mind that a large repeat will add to the amount of fabric needed.

We supply fabric from all the major suppliers: Sanderson, Harlequin, Villa Nova, Romo, Colefax and Fowler, Osborne and Little, Zoffany, Jane Churchill, Designers Guild, Voyage, Lorient Decor, Morris and Co, Malabar, Swaffer, Vanessa Arbuthnott, Prestigious Textiles, Fibre Naturelle, Blendworth, Ian Mankin, GP and J Baker, Titley and Marr, and more. Please be aware that we can only make curtains and blinds from fabric that we supply.

What to hang your curtains on

Choosing the right Curtain Pole or Track can be more difficult than you might think. The choice is seemingly endless! And whatever you choose must match the fabric and the room, be in proportion to the window and co-ordinate with the style of the curtains. With our knowledge of all the ranges available, we can guide you to the right choice as painlessly as possible.

We supply and fit Poles and Tracks from all the major brands; The Bradley Collection, Integra, Silent Gliss, Byron & Byron, Hasta, Rolls, Modern Country, Artisan, Neo, Galleria, etc.


Poles are a decorative feature in themselves and the right pole will show off your new curtains to maximum effect. Time taken making the right choice will be well spent. We ensure that each pole is correctly rated for the weight of the curtains and a secure fixing to the wall is obviously also important.


Tracks are often used where they cannot be seen, when using a pelmet or valance for example, and choosing the right one is important here as well. There's nothing more irritating than a curtain that doesn't draw smoothly! Weight here is also important, long interlined curtains in a heavier fabric will require an appropriately strong track for example. Tracks can be corded, and are also a very good solution for bay windows where they can be supplied pre-bent to fit neatly.

Tracks and Poles are available across the price range. As with many things, the trick is finding the right one, of the right quality and at the right price. That's where we can really help.